A in circle, used as a symbol of anarchy

A in circle or Latin A in circle (ⓐ) is a typographic symbol. This is a Latin letter A in a circle, which is used together with other symbols, also in the circle.


A in circle was accepted as a symbol of 3rd USA Army.


Now this symbol is used as sign by many people, who consider themselves as an anarchist and sympathize with anarchist ideas. A writer, philosopher and producer of BBC company Peter Marshall said, that this symbol has an idea (developed by Peter Kropotkin and other anarchic theorists) about "Anarchy is Order" ("Anarchie ist Ordnung" and so on). You see, it's like, A in letter O, which are first letter of those words Anarchy and Order.

Representation in codesEdit

The symbol of capital "A in circle" in Unicode is represented as U+24B6 or e2 92 b6 in hexadecimal code. Decimal representation of the symbol in XML - Ⓐ

The symbol of small "a in circle" in Unicode is represented as U+24D0 or e2 93 90 in hexadecimal code. Deciaml representation of the symbol in XNL - ⓐ

Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg Logo

A in circle in logo of a Russian hockey club "Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg"


A in circle on a hash mark of 3rd US army.

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