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Crimean Tatar language (Qırımtatar tili, Къырымтатар тили) or Crimean language (Qırım tili, Къырым тили) - the language of Crimean Tatars, is one of Turkic languages, which is one of Altaic languages. The writing is based on Cyrillic and Roman alphabets. 


The total number of people, speaking Crimean Tatar language on the territory of former USSR is approximately 350 thousand, 250 thousand of which are in Crimea. In Bulgaria and Romania - near 30 thousand. There aren't any reliable data of number of speaking Crimean Tatar in Turkey.


Every three subethnic groups of Crimean Tatars (natives of middle line of Crimea, living in steppes and living in the South shore) have their own dialect.

Writing systemEdit

Modern alphabetsEdit

Roman alphabet (since 1992)Edit


Reading rulesEdit

  • Letters a, b, d, f, h, m, n, o, p, r, s, t, u, v, z are read like this: [ʌ], [b], [d], [f], [h], [m], [n], [o], [p], [r] (read like Russian р), [s], [t], [uː], [v], [z].
  • is read like English j, becomes soft before vowels e, i, ö, ü.
  • ç is read like [tʃ].
  • is read like soft [g]
  • ğ is read like Ukrainian г (something between Latin g and h).
  • ı is read like Russian ы (something between [i] and y).
  • is read like [i].
  • is read like ž.
  • is read like soft [k]
  • can be either soft, or solid (becomes soft before and after e, i, ö, ü).
  • ñ is like ng in sing.
  • ö is like German ö (like a soft o).
  • is like quickly pronounced kh.
  • ş is read like sh.
  • ü is like German ü (soft [u:]).
  • is like Russian й (like in New York)
  • â is making soft the previous sound (lâ - lya, kâ - kya).

Cyrillic alphabet (since 1938)Edit

Crimeantatar cyr

Historical alphabetsEdit

Arabic alphabet (before 1928)Edit

Crimeantatar arabic

   Word examplesEdit

English Tatar Crimean Tatar Turkish
father әти, ата baba baba
mother әни, ана ana anne
brother (elder) абый ağa ağabey
sister (elder) апа, тутай, тутай-ана apte, tata, abla abla
head баш baş, qafa baş, kafa
hand кул qol, el kol, el
leg аяк ayaq, bacaq bacak, ayak
sky күк kök gök
ground җир, туфрак/тупрак topraq, yer toprak, kara, yer
fire ут, якты, атыш ateş, nar, alev ateş, alev, ot
water су suv su

A sample text in Crimean TatarEdit

====Latin alphabet ====

Bütün insanlar ür, sayğı ve uquqlar itibarı ile musaviy doğalar. Aqıl ve vicdanğa saipler ve bir-birlerine qarşı ağa-qardaşlıq fikirnen areket etmelidirler.Edit

Cyrillic alphabetEdit

Бутюн инсанлар урь, сайгъы ве укъукълар итибары иле мусавий догъалар. Акъыл ве видждангъа саиплер ве бир-бирлерине къаршы агъа-къардашлыкъ фикирнен арекет этмелидирлер.


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