Cube World is an open world RPG video game in development by Picroma for Microsoft Windows. Wolfram von Funck began developing the game in June 2011, and was later joined by his wife Sarah von Funck. An early alpha version of the game was released on July 2, 2013.[1] However, as of July 2015, the game is unvavailable for purchase and has not received any updates since July 23, 2013. A lack of communication by the developer about the game's current development has fueled speculation about its future.[2]

Part 1/3 Hello Cube Worlds!Edit

Cube Worlds Are Little Magnetic Cubes Which Have A Stickman In Them, Press The Left Button To Turn The Sound Off/On, Press The Middle Button To Turn It On And Press The Right Button To See Your Hi-Score! If You Tilt The Cube, The Stickman Will Fall Into The Wall! If You Tilt The Cube All The Way Around, Your Stickman Could Vomit! (Gross!)

Part 2/3 The Cube InformationEdit

There Are 5 Series And 2 Big Cubes And 26 In Total!

The Cubes:

Series 1:

Name: Dodger

Plays With: A Ball

Colour: Red

Name: Scoop

Pet: Dog

Colour: Orange

Name: Slim

Plays With: A Long Stick

Colour: Purple

Name: Whip

Plays With: A Rope

Colour: Yellow

Series 2:

Name: Dusty

Job As: A Janitor

Colour: Lime

Name: Handy

Job As: A Handyman

Colour: Blue

Name: Hans

Job Is: To Get Fit

Colour: Turquoise

Name: Mic

Plays With: Musical Instruments

Colour: Pink

Series 3:

Name: Chief

Job As: A Policeman

Colour: Navy

Name: Dash

Job As: A Mailman

Colour: Green


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