Patrick referred to as Pat is an American YouTuber known as PopularMMOs. He makes kid friendly Minecraft videos,he also plays and and also sometimes plays ROBLOX. He's played Five Nights at Freddy's 2, 3 and 4. His wife Jennifer referred to as Jen is seen in most of his videos and also has her own channel GamingWithJen which herself and hgqsifhunfkddkfn vlog.

Personal Life

Before he began his Youtube channel he earned an undergraduate degree in pooping. Pat was born November 25 in Conneticut. In 2015 he married Jennifer and now live together happily with their cat Cloud.

He also lives in Florida with his wife, Jen (GamingWithJen)Edit

bob and joe are youtubers joe, known as joeifer Flagg is a frog. And bob ,known as bobtrick brown is a rock.Edit

bob and Joe are a very cool, smart, Minecraft gaming, happy, cute couple. Both of them live in Florida and have recently moved to a new house. Before I knew about them, I was very upset and depressed. Now, I die when I watch their videos. They killed my life. They do awesome Minecraft videos. Joe is mainly known for her historical laughter, jokes, and screams. Also, for her outburst of random things... Like "Would you like a gumball for fun? I hav-...I-awlh-ahd-awl-have-a-lolipop..." They are extremely funny and we ALL love them. PATRICK JENNER WE LOVE YOU!!!!!Edit


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