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Staročeško, Starocheshko (translated as - Old Czech) - beer, produced in Croatia in Daruvar brewery. It's historically connected with Czechs of Croatia in Daruvar district.


After Treaty of Karlowitz in 1699 Western Slavonia came from Ottoman Empire to Habsburg Monarchy. Muslim population left the region, which became very depopulated. For recovery of the population of reganed lands the House of Habsburg called the colonists from all parts of the Empire, including Czech Republic. First Czech migrants arrived to Western Slavonia near 1750, but most of it migrated in the first half of XIX century. The centre of Czech community in Croatia became the city Daruvar.

Brewing, historically very common in Czech Republic, became one of the main occupations of the migrants. In 1840 with assistance of earl Yankovich the Czech migrants founded the Daruvar Brewery, which is the oldest in the country. The beer was produced with the traditional Czech recipes and technologies and became a name "Old Czech".


The main sort of beer Staročeško is Staročeško Pivo, bright lager with alcohol consistance 4,8% and density 11,8%.

Moreover, under the same brand name are produced:

  • Staročeško Pivo Nefiltrirano - wheat beer
  • Staročeško Crveno Pivo - dim beer
  • Staročeško Crveno Pivo Nefiltrirano - wheat dim beer
  • Staročeško Desetka - bright lager
  • Staročeško Light - light lager
  • Staročeško Limun - radler
  • Staročeško Original - premium pilsner
  • Staročeško Zimsko - bock.

and series of less common varieties of these sorts.

Starocheshko is exported beyond Croatia, sometimes foreign customers are confused by the name and think that it's produced in Czech Republic.


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